Rice And Biryani

Plain Basmati Rice


Long grained rice cooked to perfection

Quinoa Biryani

$14.00 Vegetables, $15.00 Chicken

An alternative to rice, delicious quinoa cooked with fresh vegetables or chicken

Zafrani Rice


Long grained basmati rice cooked in a saffron infused rich broth

Peas Pulao


Long grained basmati rice cooked with sautéed green peas

Jeera Pulao


Long grained basmati rice simmered with cumin seeds

Vegetable Pulao


A medley of flavorful garden fresh vegetables cooked with long grained basmati rice

Chicken/Mutton Dum Biryani

$15.00 Chicken, $16.00 Mutton

The perfect rice delicacy of choice cuts of chicken or mutton cooked with fine basmati rice covered with a light dough and baked

Vegetable Biryani


The fragrant combination of basmati rice and garden fresh vegetables cooked in clay pot

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