Main Course

Makhni Vegetables


Garden fresh vegetables cooked in a rich tomato and light cream gravy

Subz Ka Muzaffar


Garden fresh vegetables sautéed on a high flame, served in a light cashew nut gravy

Paneer Butter Masala


Cottage cheese cubes in a creamed tomato gravy

Mushroom Do Pyaza


Mushroom cooked in a zesty gravy with onions and sweet pepper

Bhindi Masala


Okra cooked with chefs special spices, simmered with onion gravy

  • Speciality

Channa Masala


Whole Chick peas cooked in a traditional Punjabi masala

Paneer Tikka Masala


Cottage cheese cubes cooked in a creamed tomato gravy with sweet peppers

Khubani Ke Kofte


Apricot stuffed with cottage cheese dumplings cooked in saffron and cashewnut gravy

Paneer Methi Malai


Cottage cheese cooked in a cream base gravy, flavored with fenugreek leaves

Lasooni Palak Paneer


Cubes of cheese cooked in a cream garden fresh spinach gravy with garlic

Paneer Lazeez


Cottage cheese cubes cooked in a cream cheese with onion cashew nuts gravy

VJ’s Desi Tacos


Mutton Ghee roast served with Accompaniments & Roomali Roti

  • Speciality

Lobster Makhni Platter


Lobster tail in a creamed tomato gravy served with a Saffron Rice Pilaf

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Butter Chicken $14.00

Butter Chicken


Boneless tandoori chicken cooked in a mildly spiced tomato and cream base gravy

Chicken Tikka masala


Chicken tikka cooked in a creamed tomato gravy

Bhuna Chicken


Minced chicken cooked in rich onion tomato gravy

Chicken Vindaloo


Boneless Chicken cooked vindaloo style with potatoes

Andhra Chicken Curry


A royal presentation of boneless chicken cooked in a cream base gravy with curry leaves and Indian spices

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Peshawari Chicken $14.00

Peshawari Chicken


Tender boneless chicken in a mildly spiced, rich cashewnut gravy. A house speciality

Mutton Rogan Josh


A traditonal favorite! Tender morsels of boneless mutton cooked in chef signature spices

Kolhapuri Mutton


Boneless mutton cooked in a coconut based spiced gravy

Gosht Dalcha


Mutton cooked with lentil, curry leaves and Indian spices

Keema Mattar


Minced mutton cooked with rich onion , tomato, green peas and Indian spices

Calamari Masala


Calamari tossed in tempered mustard seeds, curry leaves, onions & tomatoes

Shrimp Vindaloo


Shrimp cooked with potato & Indian spices

Kerela Fish Curry


Southern speciality! Fillet of fish in a coconut based gravy, tempered with curry leaves and mustard seeds

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